Ahlan Awards 2016 at BU

Kris Fade's Week of Pain and Gain

08 Jun 2016

Surgery made me thankful for life

Last week was a tough one for me as I had to have emergency intestine blockage surgery. I spent eight days in hospital and it was the most painful thing I have ever felt in my entire life.
The recovery plan is a four-week strategy to get me back to full strength, but the worst part about it for me is not being able to go to the gym and workout! It did make me realise how important my health is and I really want stay as fit as possible.
After a tough few days, my week got better when I was invited to the Ahlan! Awards. The event is always a blast and I was nominated for two categories this year: Best Radio DJ and Best Male Personality. I won the latter and I’m ecstatic because that was my fourth win in a row, so I just want to thank everyone who voted for me because I really don’t take these accolades for granted.
My good friend Jay Sean was in town hanging out and relaxing in Dubai. He’s finished working with Lil Wayne’s record label Young Money and is looking forward to a fresh start. His relationship with the label didn’t end too well and he said it was like breaking up with a partner who you expected more from. Well Jay, you’re always welcome here and you know at least Dubai will never disappoint you.