Kris Fade's Diary: Kelly Rowland Does Dubai

Virgin Radio’s Breakfast Show host shares his news and views!
ByKris FadeSaturday , 23 November 2013
Did Kelly wear her PJs?!
Did Kelly wear her PJs?!
Alicia’s a fan of Josh J
Alicia’s a fan of Josh J

It’s been a week of contrasts! I headed to Mall of the Emirates to meet Destiny’s Child singer- turned-The X Factor judge Kelly Rowland, who was in town to launch a new watch and perform at a gala dinner for the Dubai Airshow. 

She told me she’d been busy Skyping contestants back in the States as part of her judging duties to coach them for their live shows, but had managed to take some time out of her busy schedule to go dune bashing, which she loved! It was great seeing her; the only thing I wasn’t sure about was her outfit. It looked like she was wearing a pair of pyjamas to me, but I guess that’s fashion!

After hanging out with Kelly, I was promptly brought back down to earth by becoming a babysitter for the night! My daughter Zahra, who’s four, had some friends over, and although my wife Maz arranged it all, she left me alone with this entire gaggle of little girls while she went to get her nails done! I managed to keep them occupied with a movie before letting them loose on the trampoline!

A Star is Born!
At the Alicia Keys concert, we introduced a hot new singer to the world! Josh J entered the Virgin Radio Dubai talent competition, and got to perform before the show! He’s 17 and sounds like Bruno Mars. The crowd were blown away. Keep an eye out for him.

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