Kris Fade on the Star-Studded RedFestDXB

The annual music festival was the biggest one ever!
ByKris FadeWednesday , 17 February 2016
Kris Fade on the Star-Studded RedFestDXB
Me with Trey Songz
This year's RedFest DXB was the biggest one we’ve ever done. We had more than 15,000 people come through the gates to see the superstar performers, and the Virgin Radio team was on hand to cover all the action.
One of my favourite moments from the festival was playing table tennis against Redfoo. He actually was pretty good and beat me with his mean backhand, and he also told me a little secret. Sadly, he was dumped by his valentine on the same day he was due to perform, so he was a little bit bummed out. Still, he put on an incredible show.
Rita Ora was also a great entertainer and she combined her trip for the gig with the launch of her new line for Adidas. Her outfits were amazing and so was her voice. Steve Aoki had the crowd jumping to his DJ set and he invited me on stage and had me stand next to him during his performance. It was an incredible moment and one I won’t forget.
Probably my best memory of the festival, though, was getting to jump on stage alongside my best friend Two Tone to do our hits together. I truly felt blessed and just want to thank each and every one of you who came out over the weekend and made RedFest DXB so special. 

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