Kris Fade Meets Social Media Masters

I learned some tricks from the best tech gurus
ByKris FadeWednesday , 04 May 2016
Kris Fade Meets Social Media Masters
Last week I met marketing and branding genius Kris Jenner, and this week I got to catch up with another social media maestro, Matthew Espinosa.
For those of you who don’t know who this 18-year-old whizz kid is, he’s one of the biggest online stars in the world thanks to his Vine account. Matthew started out when he was just 16, creating videos on Vine. He told me that he had a pretty normal following until the guys at Vine decided to promote his account and his global following blew up.
Having gone from a few hundred followers to a few thousand, he now has, on average, four million people watching his posts. As one of the biggest Viners in the world he was invited to Dubai as a guest of the Social Media Conference where he spoke about all things visual and how to keep your followers entertained.
I also chatted to my good friend Huda Kattan, who is pretty influential on social media too. We have a lot of things in common, mainly that we’re both hypochondriacs who are always working but like to have fun too. Huda's such a lovely person, she shouted me out on Snapchat and said she loved listening to the show. Her eyelash line is amazing and if I was a woman, I’d buy some!  

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