Kris Fade Meets Pamela Anderson!

28 Mar 2013

Get in on Kris Fade's chat with former Baywatch babe and blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson when she was in town last week partying at new hotspot The VIP Room at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Pamela Anderson was in town for one night only but Virgin Radio's Kris Fade, who's an Ahlan! columnist too, managed to catch up with her to talk building hotels, Baywatch and saving lives

Hi Pamela, tell me what you’re up to right now.
I’m travelling a lot right now and working on a design firm back home in the US, sustainable design. I’ve just finished building my house, which is nice. It’s a simple, beautiful house with three bedrooms and white furniture and I love it. Some people want me to do a series again, so I’m having conversations about that.

Tell me about the hotel in Abu Dhabi that you were going to help build at one stage.
I was going to help build a hotel that was going to be hot pink neon with wood, a beach, a wave pool and all sorts of exciting things. But that was two years ago and it kind of just didn’t happen, but I hope it still does. It could be called Pamela or something crazy like that, my own hot pink hotel!

Could you be convinced to do a Baywatch movie?
No way, I could play my character CJ’s mom now. I think we should leave it as it is, I don’t like remakes. My body’s getting younger but my face is getting older!

Do you hate talking about Baywatch?
No, I love Baywatch it was the best job in the world! I’ve never seen an episode, but my kids have seen a couple. I’ve just seen clips and slow motion montages here and there and I just have to laugh. We took it so seriously though, we were saving lives!

Have you ever saved a life?
I have actually, I saved my brother’s life. We were in the Northwest territories (in Canada) where it was very cold and a waterfall was frozen over. He sunk through the ice in one of those big puffy jackets and I got to him and caught him in the nick of time, or he would have gone under the waterfall and I never would have seen him again. I remind him of that every once in a while!

How did you deal with becoming the world’s most famous women overnight after Baywatch?
It was crazy, all of a sudden I was travelling the world and people everywhere knew who I was, like in 150 countries. In China, Baywatch was the first American television show there. It was dubbed and I sound great in Chinese! That’s what I think was great about the show, you could watch it in any language as people weren’t really listening. You could watch it with the sound off, I think that’s what most people did!

Your kids are teenagers now, do they know you’re famous and does raising them get any easier as they get older?
No, it doesn’t. It just changes and they still break your heart! They know their dad’s a rock star (Tommy Lee from Motley Crue) and I rescue animals and do a lot of other stuff. I try to keep them out of the limelight but I take them with me a lot when I’m travelling, they were in Abu Dhabi with me the last time I was here.

Finally, have you got a favourite designer?
I always pick Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney.