kris fade

Kris Fade helps out during a fire in Al Barsha

16 Jun 2019

The radio show noticed the blaze while driving

Kris Fade ran forward to help on Saturday when a fire broke out in a two-story villa in Al Barsha, Dubai. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

The radio show host was driving through the area when he noticed the blaze and reportedly heard screams coming from inside. He ran towards the home of the local family and saw the father emerging carrying a baby.

Fade praised Dubai Civil Defence, who showed up within ten minutes of the fire being reported, helping all eight people in the house to safely leave the building. Fade documented the incident on his Instagram stories.

Kris Fade helps out during a fire in Al Barsha

It seems the fire started in an unused room of the house, although this is yet to be confirmed by authorities.

A word of warning guys, this is exactly the kind of situation that can happen during the region's summer months. Be mindful to check your electric circuits and various appliances to prevent overheating.

And shoutout to Kris for being a total hero in this situation.