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Kris Fade Has Just Tweeted A Genius Airline Upgrade Plan

21 Jan 2018

Do you think any airlines will actually catch on?

There isn't a single one of us who hasn't crossed our fingers, toes and eyes as we approach the check in desk, hoping for an upgrade. But Virgin Radio's Kris Fade just tweeted a genius plan that could make upgrades a lot more realistic! 

"If I owned an airline, I would give economy passengers the option to buy a $5 [Dhs18] raffel [raffle] ticket that gives them the chance to be upgraded to business," the morning show DJ tweeted. "Guaranteed 1 winner per flight. (Winner announced once doors closed)  RETWEET if you'd enter!" 

He then even looped Virgin airlines' founder Richard Branson into the tweet, for full effect! 

Naturally, his followers are into the idea! 

And some even looped Emirates into the conversation... 

Do you think the campaign will take off?!