Kris Fade Catches Up With Celebs

Some of the wrestling's biggest stars went toe-to-toe with me and I met Kris Jenner!
ByKris FadeWednesday , 27 April 2016
Kris Fade Catches Up With Celebs
It’s been another absolutely manic week for me and the team. The number of stars that I had the pleasure of meeting has left me feeling so freaking lucky. I love my job.
I workout an awful lot and I even think I look pretty big post-workout, but that was until I met Randy Orton. The professional wrestler was in Dubai for the WWE Live Dune Bash event and he stopped by to hang out with me. Well let me tell you, I’ve never seen a person with so much natural muscle in all my life – the guy is a monster! He’s been WWE champion 14 times and I bet he will be again in the future.
Female WWE stars Alicia Fox and Natalya also passed through to host the show with me. These ladies are serious athletes, but they didn’t mind having some fun with a donut- throwing competition with me. Alicia and Natalya train six days a week for four hours a day and are really strong both mentally and physically. I think they’re both great role models for women as they’re beautiful and inspirational.
Finally, I met the world’s most famous momager, Kris Jenner! After six kids Kris still looks amazing and she’s so pretty. She was in Dubai to promote her Legacy school, which is launching in New York, and she was trying to get students from the UAE to attend it. She questioned how I got my Yeezy trainers and I told her I know a guy who can hook her up! She also revealed that she is on Snapchat, but only uses it to spy on her kids! 

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