Kris Fade’s Diary: I Believe I Can Fly

Kris has a go at flyboarding
ByKris FadeThursday , 20 February 2014
Kris Fade’s Diary: I Believe I Can Fly
Leonardo DiCaprio is among the celebs trying flyboarding...

This week I became a real-life superhero! I had a go at flyboarding, a crazy watersport that actually lets you fly! No, I’m not joking – A-listers Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio have already tried it out! I headed down to SeaRide Dubai in Jumeirah for a go. It’s basically a wakeboard linked to a jetski, which pushes plumes of water out of the bottom and lets you soar into the air while wearing giant boots. You can get as high as 10m! Everyone can do it but it’s pretty hard. You need to keep your legs straight and relax your upper body, but once you get going you feel like Iron Man! They turn the jets on while you’re underwater so you come zooming out from beneath the surf like a cartoon hero – it’s phenomenal! Check out the video on my Instagram of me screaming like a lunatic as I tried it out. Steven Dauliach, the instructor, is a seven-time world champion jet skier, so you’re in safe hands. It’s not cheap at Dhs300 for half an hour, and the next day I woke up aching from head to toe, but I can’t wait to go back! Just call me SuperKris.

As I write this we’re excitedly counting down the hours to RedFestDXB, and not only are British pop queens Jessie J and Rita Ora on their way for the event, we’re also planning to send Jessie to visit a UAE school. Imagine if she turned up in your maths class! Also this week, I had dinner with two world-champion boxers – Dubai-based Brit David Haye and my Aussie pal Billy ‘The Kid’ Dib! We went to posh restaurant Le Petite Maison, myself and these two champs! Maybe I’ll beat them both in the sports stakes soon, becoming a superstar flyboarder! INFO:

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