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Maximum Expo-sure!
ByKris FadeFriday , 06 December 2013
Kris Fade
Kris Fade

You might have come across the awesome video Priti and Rossi and I made to celebrate Dubai’s Expo win. It’s set to the tune of Katy Perry’s Roar and has even been retweeted by actress Lindsay Lohan to her 7.5 million followers, and it’s had more than 20,000 views online! We haven’t just mentioned the big landmarks in there – we wanted to get in all the places we go to every weekend, from Ravi’s to Karama, Satwa, Bur Dubai and even Park ‘n’ Shop! We also sang about the nannies, security guards and labourers who make the city what it is. We want it to be the unofficial theme tune for Expo 2020 – the win is another step forward for Dubai!

All together now:

You’ve got the eye on Dubai now!

Right now, Expo’s coming to town, 

Raise your hands now,

The world’s gonna hear us roar!

Meanwhile, I’ve just hosted a bellyflop contest! I was at the helm of the wibbly, wobbly fun at water park Wild Wadi and even had a go myself, but after my strict diet and training my stomach didn’t make much of an impact and I hit the water with my face instead. Ouch…

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