Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner Headed for a Clash?

As momager Kris tries to cash in on Kourtney's new daughter, expect a good old-fashioned Kardashian explosion ahead
Tuesday , 07 August 2012
Kourtney, Scott and TV star Mason
Kourtney, Scott and TV star Mason
Cunning Kris
ponders a nappy range
Cunning Kris ponders a nappy range
That has to be a baby bump!
That has to be a baby bump!

As if being burdened with the name Penelope Scotland wasn’t bad enough, the newest addition to the Kardashian clan’s now having to dodge being signed up for dubious advertising deals by greedy grandma, Kris Jenner. But second-time mum Kourtney’s having absolutely none of it.

“Kris immediately started trying to make money off the baby, literally from the moment she was conceived!” a source told RadarOnline.“Kourtney was already getting annoyed during her pregnancy because her mom talked nonstop about branding girly things for the baby. And since the birth, Kris has stepped it up with her money making ideas.”

“Kris reportedly even snapped photos of her granddaughter in the delivery room with the intent to sell them!” reported gossip site Hollywood Life, adding, “Kourtney and Scott have told Kris to back off because they want time to enjoy their baby before they share the photos with the world. Their precious daughter is not a cash cow. Scott and Kourtney already have a deal in place with a magazine to run the first photos of Penelope when the time is right. After that, they want some privacy for their daughter. And as parents, ultimately, it is up to them.”

Mind you, as soon as the magazine deal’s done we reckon all bets are off. Kourtney’s son, Mason, is already a TV regular, starring in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami not to mention auntie Khloe’s spin-off series Khloe and Lamar. And he’s not even three yet.

A Longed-for Baby For Khloe At Last?
It looks like Kris could have one more set of baby pics to push pretty soon. If we’re not mistaken, this looks pretty much like a bump to us. We really hope so! Khloe and hubby Lamar have made no secret of their desire for kids and just this week revealed they were taking a break from trying, which we think suggests they’ve hit the jackpot already!

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