Kournikova won't marry Iglasias

Tennis star turns down singer's proposal
Monday , 21 April 2008
Kournikova won't marry Iglasias

Latin star ENRIQUE IGLESIAShas failed to persuade longterm girlfriend ANNA KOURNIKOVAto marry him.

The singer says every time he asks for the former tennis star's hand in marriage, she ignores him.

The couple have been dating for six years, and in December last year they were rumoured to be engaged after Russian-born Kournikova was spotted sporting a large diamond ring on her wedding finger.

The couple have since refused to confirm or deny the reports, but the 26-year-old beauty cast doubt on claims she is due to exchange vows with the singer, insisting she would "never" marry.

Iglesias, however, is desperate to wed his longtime love.

He says, "I always try but she pays me no attention."