Kitchen Hacks

Ramadan Remedies
ByJasmine BandaliThursday , 02 July 2015
Kitchen Hacks

Get the Kids in the Kitchen!
Not only will it keep them out of mischief, but cooking together makes for a less laborious meal. Encourage them to mix the butter and sugar, or punch down a yeast dough after its risen – many hands make light work!

Prep the Night Before
If you’re a working parent, take five minutes the night before to chop an onion or brown the meat for the next day’s dinner. Prepared food that’s easy to find, with the recipe left on the counter means help in the kitchen. Handy if you’re stuck at the office!

Healthy Snacking
Make frozen treats healthy by washing some grapes, popping into a ziploc bag and placing in the freezer. When completely frozen, these make a great alternative to ice cream and also work great as ice cubes, that won’t dilute your drink.

Floss your Cake
Making a filled sponge for tea? Grab some dental floss and position it equally around the entire circumference of your cake at the thickness you desire. When the two ends of the floss meet at the end, cross over the ends, hold tight with both hands and pull, for perfectly even slices.

Speedy Shredding
Hungry kids calls for speed in the kitchen at lunchtime! Place whole cooked chicken breast, while it’s hot, into the bowl of a stand mixer with a beater attachment, or use a mixing bowl and an electric hand whisk. Turn on the machine and allow the beaters to shred the chicken for about 45 seconds. You just saved yourself half an hour!


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