Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks

01 Jun 2015

Ramadan Remedies

Don’t flip out!
Preheating a baking sheet for items like oven fries or veggies eliminates the need for flipping them halfway through, saving you precious minutes of cooking time.

Keep cakes fresh
Have a huge cake that you haven’t been able to munch all the way through? To stop it from drying out, secure some sliced bread to the exposed sections using toothpicks. The bread holds in the moisture.

Reheat baked goods without the drying out ‘chew’
Loads of leftover bakery items from the previous day? Place a cup of water in the microwave along with the pizza or pastries you’re reheating to add moisture to the air, which will keep your items tasting soft and fresh.

Quick caffeine fix
If you’re the type that craves a coffee in super-fast time come iftar, freeze some brewed coffee (brought down to room temperature) in an ice cube tray in advance. Pop a couple of cubes into your steaming hot coffee to cool it down without diluting it.

Keep your recipes clean
Clip your recipe book to a trouser hanger (one with the clips at the bottom) and hang from the door of your kitchen cabinet. It will keep the recipe visible, without getting splattered and stained.

Don’t struggle with the scoop
Wrestling with an ice cream tub when you have guests is really not worth getting your knuckles sore over, so for easy servings, keep the tub in a ziplock bag in the freezer. The ice cream stays just soft enough to avoid those spoon-bending moments!