Kitchen Hacks

How to eat yourself slim
ByJasmine BandaliSunday , 03 May 2015
Kitchen Hacks

Give Berries a Boost
Berries are a good way of getting a sugar fix without adding unnecessary calories and raspberries are one of the best diet-boosting foods. However they also get mouldy quickly, so to keep them fresh, it’s essential to keep them dry. When you buy fresh berries, place them in the refrigerator and only wash them as needed, patting dry with a paper towel, as mould is less likely to form in a dry environment


Eat Smart
Dieting and eating the right foods is fine, but one of the biggest mistakes dieters make is to eat too much of them. Most of us just pour cereal into a bowl and mark it down in our food journals as one serving when the truth is that we have probably eaten two or three times that amount. Check the nutrition facts on the label to determine the correct size of a single serving, then measure out that serving using a measuring cup.

Create a Healthy Food Zone
Move the high-calorie foods to the back of the fridge and clean out one shelf near the front for diet-friendly snacks. Fill this area with single-serving containers of low calorie foods.  That way you'll see them first when you open the refrigerator door

Use Mushrooms to Cut Calories
Some finely diced mushrooms in the refrigerator could help you slash the calories when cooking minced meat dishes. Simply add the same amount of mushrooms to the equivalent of meat in the pan, so one cup meat to one cup mushrooms for example, to add flavour and moisture without breaking the calorie bank. What’s more it’s two meals in one, as you can set aside half the mixture to freeze ad use at a later date

Stock Up, Slim Down
Sauté meat or vegetables by using stock instead of oil. Use a non-stick pan and instead of adding oil, simply warm up a small amount of stock and add the food that you want to cook. If you don't sauté often, freeze small amounts of stock in ice cube trays so that you always have some on hand to use

Flash-Freeze Bananas
Bananas are the base for many weight loss smoothie recipes, but many only use half to keep calorie count in control and bananas ripen and go bad quickly, so the trick is to flash-freeze them. Peel 5 to 7 ripe bananas, cut them in half and lay them out on a cookie tray.  Place the entire tray in the freezer for about an hour, making sure the tray stays flat so the bananas don't roll together.  Remove the tray and place the bananas into a freezer bag, and return to the freezer for fresh bananas ready anytime for your recipe



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