Kirsten Dunst Wins Restraining Order Against Stalker

Kirsten Dunst had been frightened for her safety after the obsessive French fan got to her home
Sunday , 11 December 2011
Kirsten Dunst Wins Restraining Order Against Stalker
Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is relieved after having won a temporary
restraining order against a French fan who had allegedly been waiting for the star
outside her home.

Kirsten had alleged that Jean Christophe Prudhon, 51, had
flown to the US in a bid to meet her, even confronting her mother Inez on the
doorstep in early December.

The Spider-Man
star also claims Prudhon had sent her more than 50 letters declaring his love
for her and that he had sold his home to pay for his travel expenses to

 In a court
filing, the actress explained, "I am frightened for my safety, as well as
the safety of my family and friends who visit my home. I am worried that Mr.
Prudhon will escalate his conduct further, putting myself and my family in

On 9 December, LA
Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted the actress a temporary
restraining order against the Frenchman. The judge ordered Prudhon to stay 100
yards (91 metres) away from the actress and to stop trying to contact her.

A hearing has been
scheduled for 21 December 2011 to determine if the order should be extended.

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