Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Want Her Kids to Work in Showbiz

The former child-star has opened up about her experiences in the movies
BySamar KhouriSunday , 08 June 2014
Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Want Her Kids to Work in Showbiz
Child Star: Kirsten Dunst wants her children to stay out of showbiz

Take it from someone who knows! Former child actress, Kirsten Dunst, wouldn’t encourage her children to pursue a showbiz career.

The 32-year-old actress, who is in a relationship with her handsome On The Road co-star Garrett Hedlund, struggles with the idea of her future kids wanting to pursue acting and although she wouldn’t ban them from the industry altogether, she would be wary of the pitfalls of fame.

She mused: “I would obviously like them to be happy and if being actors makes them happy, great, I wouldn't stop them. But I wouldn’t push them into it, especially as young kids. Even though it worked out for me, it’s still very hard.

She continued: “I also wouldn’t want to bring my kid up in Los Angeles. If I hadn’t grown up there, I think I would hate that city. I’m filming in New Orleans at the moment and it reminded me how lovely it is to walk around without being followed by a gang of paparazzi.”

Kirsten, who got her big movie break aged 11 in Interview with the Vampire, is grateful to director Sofia Coppola for casting her in 2000’s The Virgin Suicides, marking her transition into adult roles.

Asked about the director who had shaped her career, she told Madame Figaro magazine: “Without question, Sofia Coppola with The Virgin Suicides, I was a teenager and she awoke the woman within me, she showed me what I was capable of, she transformed me in a way like no other.”

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