Kirsteen Thain

Meet the founder of GetFitChick – a women’s training and nutrition gym based in Dubai
Monday , 25 November 2019
Kirsteen Thain

•My highlight this year was renovating and upgrading our gym (GetFitChick) to a fully equipped studio with everything from sleds to rowers. We accomplished that ourselves with no investors - just determination and hard work.

•I’m inspired when my clients approach every work out with determination and a great attitude, give it their best effort, and then roll around on the floor afterwards from exhaustion.

•There should be an absolute national ban on single use plastics. They are a disgrace to humanity and there is no reason to keep using them.

•Widespread recycling bins should be placed in every building and neighbourhood to create a low barrier-to-entry. The easier it is to recycle, the more people will do it.

•Next year, I plan to work on myself – not only on professional projects but also on a personal note, improving my communication and listening skills.

•The UAE changed my life. I arrived here without a job, after having spent years in the corporate world. I ended up turning my passion for fitness into my career, almost by accident, and that is because of Dubai’s push to create a healthier city. I wouldn’t have my life without this place, and I don’t know another city that has prioritised health and fitness from such a high level.