Kiran M Chhabria

The Dubai author who's already being labelled a bestseller
Monday , 21 March 2016
Kiran M Chhabria
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Kiran M Chhabria
• In 2015, I published my debut novel, Kitty in the City, a romance about a 35-year-old single woman in Dubai, navigating through men, calories and the Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s been a realisation of my biggest dream, and to my great delight, I’ve had fan mail from across the world and recently spotted Kitty in the bestsellers section of a Dubai bookstore.
• I always knew I wanted to publish a book. The details for the genre and the plot were a little fuzzy to be honest, then one day I decided to just go ahead and write and a story poured out. I do wish I had written my first book earlier. 
• My Instagram account @howshespendsit embodies these beliefs: spend your time with those who matter, your energy on what builds your soul and your money on only the utterly fabulous! It’s a collection of things and places to enjoy, and a place to showcase some of my fashion choices. Despite being extremely active on social media, you’d be surprised to learn that I’m possibly the most shy and introverted person you’ll ever meet.
• My most prized possessions are letters exchanged between my late father and me as I was growing up. I’d taken to writing him letters as he travelled so much, and I’ve kept every one of his, and he’d kept every one of mine, including birthday cards I’d sent him before I could write legibly. 
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