Kimberly D'souza & Denver Britto

The new bloggers on the scene who are taking food photography to the next level
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Kimberly D'souza & Denver Britto
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Kimberly D'souza & Denver Britto
• It took us a lot of time, dedication and commitment to reach where we are today in the food blogging scene and we’ve hit levels of accomplishment that were unimaginable to us in the early days. Meeting celebrity chefs like Vikas Khanna, Vineet Bhatia, Tom Aikens and Gordon Ramsay, and being part of tastings and launch events wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for our blog, WhereMyFoodAt.
• Our biggest competition is ourselves, so we never compare our status with that of anyone else. With the rise of food bloggers, it’s very important to set yourself apart from the rest and possess that unique quality that draws people towards you, and we feel our food photography plays a great part in that.
• When we launched our blog, it was to document our culinary journey around the UAE and later the world, as we experienced new cultures and cuisines through our reviews. The influence of social media turned this into a second job that we absolutely love. We get such positive feedback from our followers, and these kind words of encouragement boost our motivation to push ourselves even further. 
• Our most prized possession is a signed copy of  Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook, along with a Polaroid with the man himself during his recent visit to Bread Street Kitchen at Atlantis – a memory that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives! Makes us cry every time we look at it. 
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