Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh Reveals Girls Aloud's Daily Drama!

26 Sep 2013

Think diva clashes! Kimberley Walsh fesses up that Girls Aloud were always arguing

Kimberley Walsh says every day was like a "drama" in Girls Aloud. The 31- year-old singer - who was part of the chart-topping group with Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts - admits there always seemed to be an argument or an issue between the band members during the height of their fame because their personalities clashed.

Speaking on British radio station Magic FM's book club segment, she said: "Every day in Girls Aloud was a drama to be honest!"

The pop beauty openly admits the five girls experienced strained relationships during their time in the band, and has said Nadine's decision to move to Los Angeles and hire a separate manager left her isolated from her bandmates.

But Kimberley insists any conflict was always pushed aside when they performed together.

She explained: "As a group and working together it always worked brilliantly for us, something really special happened when all five of us were together performing."

However, Kimberley insists she\'d never arrange a dinner date with Nadine or Sarah away from work, but would have no problem jetting off on vacation with best pals Cheryl and Nicola.

She said: "In terms of who I see outside of work, who I go on holiday with and go for dinner with it would be Cheryl and Nicola."