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Kim Kardashian's 'Vain' Will Clause

18 Mar 2018

The reality TV star wants to be perma-photo ready, even on her death bed

Kim Kardashian has put a clause in her will demanding that she has her hair and make-up done even if she becomes incapacitated.

The reality TV star addressed some of the craziest headlines about herself in a video accompanying her Elle magazine cover and she confirmed the headline "Fear Not, Kim Kardashian's Hair Will Always Be Done, Per Her Will," was in fact correct, explaining that she wants to look her best at all times - even if she has a debilitating illness.

"Absolutely. I made a section that if I am so out of it that I can't even communicate and I'm ******* on myself I definitely need my hair, my nails and make-up done. I want to look as good as possible," she said.

Rewriting the original headline, she added, "Kim Kardashian's hair, make-up and nails will always be done per her will."

She also addressed the online memes comparing her husband Kanye West to Daniel Kaluuya's character in horror Get Out, Chris Washington, a black man held captive by his white girlfriend's family. His consciousness is sent to "the sunken place" so they can insert a white man's brain into his body.

"Another ******* dumb Kanye/ Get Out reference," she said. "It's like... people are so ******* dumb and stupid."

The 37-year-old was then asked to comment on rumours the rapper sends her emails about "what's hot and what's not" and she admitted it was true, revealing that he once sent her an email advising her to stop wearing large sunglasses and supplied her with mood boards and references to smaller frames that she should try instead.

"He sends me inspirational emails. But he'll do it whether it's home decor, whether it's like, vacation spots.... he's really good at that," she said.

In the video, she also revealed that her mum Kris Jenner had trademarked the word "momager" a decade ago, insisted that the first word her two-year-old son Saint wrote was "gargantuan" and that she will not stop posing racy pictures despite the fact she's now a mother-of-three.