Kim Kardashian's Extreme Diet Disasters

02 Oct 2012

Despite trying nine weight-loss plans, Kim Kardashian's struggling to slim down to Kanye West's expectations

Kim K is facing a body crisis after suffering nine diet disasters in an endless bid to get in shape. The reality star suffered another setback when she was snapped literally bursting out of her velevet green dress at the Midori Makeover Parlour event, despite frantic efforts to achieve the perfect figure. The reality star was reportedly reduced to tears and sources close to Kim say she’s been desperately trying to slim down for Kanye with no success.

One close friend revealed, “Ever since she started dating Kanye she has been on three different plans. It’s so upsetting for her because she feels nothing is working. She’s obsessed with dieting and always trying something new. Kim is never satisfied and thinks her legs and bum are too big and she’s on a constant mission to get on top of it.”

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