Kim Kardashian's Cleaning Claims!

Can you see Kim Kardashian donning rubber gloves to do the cleaning?
Tuesday , 26 June 2012
Kim Kardashian's Cleaning Claims!
Is this really how Kim Kardashian spends her mornings?

Kim Kardashian cleaning her own shower? Call us cynical, but we’re just not buying it! In an interview with Sunday Times Magazine, Kim dished that she’s “totally OCD” and an obsessive cleanliness freak, even having her food delivered in tiny freezer packs to ensure that her fridge is “tidy”.

OK, that part we buy. Fussy eating sounds like the high maintenance diva we know. We also believe Kim’s confession that she owns 20 bottles of shampoo. But the part that has us shaking our heads is Kim talking about cleaning her own house!

The reality star said she won’t take a shower unless her bathroom is “immaculate” and while she has a cleaning lady come three times a week, she always does extra cleaning on top of that. Can you see Kim wearing rubber gloves and scrubbing mold off the shower floor? No, we can’t either.

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