Kim Kardashian visits convicted murderer she's trying to release

02 Jun 2019

She believes he is innocent and has been framed

Kim Kardashian has come face to face with a convicted killer on death row who she is trying to free. The reality star, who is currently studying to become a lawyer, visited the San Quentin State Prison in San Francisco, California on May 30 where she spent two hours talking with quadruple murderer Kevin Cooper.

The 61-year-old has been awaiting death since 1983 for the murders of two parents, their ten-year-old daughter and her friend in Los Angeles, but Kardashian is convinced he has been framed and is campaigning for his release.

Last October, Kim Kardashian asked then-Governor of California Jerry Brown to look into Cooper's case, prompting him to order DNA testing on existing evidence. Brown's successor Gavin Newsom, who strongly opposes capital punishment, ordered additional testing in February.

What we know now is: a T-shirt believed to have belonged to the killer was found to have his blood, as well as test tube preservative on it. The mother-of-four believes this shows the blood on the shirt had been put there from inside a test tube by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and not splattered on during the quadruple murder.

Witnesses of the event also claimed to have seen three white men driving away from the home, but officers built a case against Cooper instead.

Cooper will not face execution now as Governor Newsom has suspended all executions in the state while he is in office.