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Kim Kardashian Spills On The Ups And Downs Of Surrogacy

13 May 2018

And is a fourth baby on the cards for the couple?

Surrogacy has been the "best decision" Kim Kardashian has ever made because she didn't have to go through the struggles of breastfeeding.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and her rapper husband Kanye West welcomed their daughter Chicago via a gestational carrier in January, after health issues from Kim's first two pregnancies made it too risky for her to become pregnant another child.

Kim has previously insisted she would have preferred to carry the baby herself, but she is thrilled she didn't have to worry about breastfeeding the newborn, because she can now focus on helping her son Saint, two, and daughter North, four, adjust to life as a family of five.

Party of 5

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"I really, really enjoyed the surrogacy process," she told morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. "I will say, when it came to the breastfeeding time, I was like, 'OK, this is the best decision I ever made'."

"It's a game changer, having to not go through (nursing) every few hours," she added. "I can spend so much more time with the older kids and getting them used to the baby."

Kim and her surrogate enjoyed a good relationship during the pregnancy, but the 37-year-old explains it was important for her to reveal that she was a celebrity before they began the journey.

"When you're starting the process, you don't have to technically let them know it's you (who you are)," she said. "I wanted to give her the opportunity to choose us as well."

"What if she wasn't a fan?" Kim continued. "We have amazing fans but we also have crazy haters. I wouldn't want that energy around my baby. I wanted them to be respectful and like who I am as a person and want to take that responsibility on. I wanted them to be on the same page as me and know that it was me (who was the mother) to make that choice for themselves and their family too."

Kim also admitted she was open to having a fourth child, but she previously insisted that would be her limit.

"I don't think I could handle more than that (four children)," she shared in an interview with Elle U.S. in March. "My time is spread really thin. And I think it's important that in all couples, the mum give the husband as much attention as the kids."