Kim Kardashian (right) with her mum Kris Jenner (left) were spotted in London buying pregnancy kits

Kim Kardashian pregnant?

16 Sep 2010

Spotted buying pregnancy kit with mum

Kim Kardashianmade an emergency stop at a drug store in London on Sunday (September 12) to buy a home pregnancy kit. The reality television star who turns 30 next month was with her mum when she was spotted by a fan in Boots.

"I always had a vision that I would be married with at least one kid by 30,” Kim said. “I never thought I would have a baby without being married, but you never know."

Kim’s fan, Caroline Bell couldn’t believe it was Kim but after looking twice immediately knew it was the starlet. “I did a double-take, as I couldn't believe it was her," she told Life Style magazine. "She picked up three Clearblue tests.”

"Kim has swapped her trademark skintight dresses for a lot of loose fitting tops and even ponchos,” she continued. Kim is yet to confirm that she is pregnant.

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