Kim Kardashian to Marry Kanye West?

Find out what Kim Kardashian's saying about about the rumours that she's planning her wedding with Kanye West
Kim Kardashian to Marry Kanye West?
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Is Kim Kardashian is preparing to tie the knot with Kanye West after the birth of their first child?

The couple - who began dating more than a year ago after a decade long friendship - will welcome their baby in early July and have reportedly set a date for a low-key wedding shortly afterwards.

A source told gossip website "Kim's choice at the moment is a starlight ceremony in California's Big Sur."

But Kim's rep told E! News that the news was "100 per cent false".

Apparently the 35-year-old rapper had warned Kim, who was also previously married to music producer Damon Thomas when she was 20 - that it cannot be a media circus and their wedding photos will not be sold for a profit.

An insider said: "Instead, Kanye says they should consider a donation to one of Kim's charities like the Skin Cancer Foundation, or Mattel Children's Hospital in a deal around the wedding for a short film."

The source also said the couple have been talking "about marriage for a long time, so it's not like Kanye is going to propose and they'll get engaged -- its been something they've been looking forward to for a while during the divorce."

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