Kim Kardashian Debuts Her New Look

Kim Kardashian's all about the bangs! Check out her all-new 'do right here
Tuesday , 15 January 2013
Kim Kardashian Debuts Her New Look
Check out Kim Kardashian's new look

Preggers Kim Kardashian is
fringe-happy and proud – just get a look at her new bangs that she debuted on

In December 2012, Kim had posted a pic of what looked like new side-swept
bangs but it turned out that the fringe was fake. Think clip-on! This time around though, Kim
isn't messing around. She's revealed the bangs on her blog and even posted a
message to show that they're 100 per cent authentic (in case you thought Kim,
like the boy who cried wolf, was the girl who cried bangs).

"I cut my
bangs for real! What do you guys think of my new look?" she asked.

Of course, the look came with a pout for the camera and showed off the soft new 'do.
We like this look on Kim, makes her look younger too. What's your take on it?

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