Kim Kardashian Bares Her Pregnant Belly!

She couldn't hold it in anymore! Kim Kardashian reveals her baby bump as she reaches the sixth month of her pregnancy
Sunday , 07 April 2013
Kim Kardashian Bares Her Pregnant Belly!
Kim K's looking belly good!

After months of covering her rapidly growing baby bump (often in some very questionable outfits), Kim Kardashian has decided to bare all... bump-wise, that is. And so it happened that 32-year-old Kim revealed pics of her belly, in all its pregnant glory, on Twitter this Saturday (6 April).

Kim combined two pictures of herself, one where her white T-shirt and black leggings cover the bump and another where the T-shirt is rolled up to show it off. The pics were accompanied with the caption "Baby love" and a heart symbol.

The reality TV queen is six months pregnant now and, we've got to say, this is a rather flattering snap. So we're set to expect more preggers updates of the pictorial type from Kim!  

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