Kim Kardashian back with Kanye West?

Reality star Kim Kardashian flies into Paris to cosy up to her rumoured ex Kanye West
Wednesday , 14 March 2012
Kim Kardashian back with Kanye West?
Should we blame their cuddling on the City of Lights?

Kim Kardashian jetting halfway across the world to check out Kanye West’s new fashion line? Sounds like someone has a new romance in her sights! The notorious diva is apparently keen to reignite the spark with rumoured former flame Kanye. She flew into Paris to sit front row at his runway show at Fashion Week, clad head-to-toe in the collection, where she took to Twitter for a complete gush-fest. “In my view he’s a creative genius, I think he creates beautiful clothes that women want to wear,” she tweeted. Sounds like Kim is besotted!

The pair happily cuddled up for a string of photographs at an after-party, before Kim, clearly keen to impress Kanye, risked her outfit by racing go-karts with Katy Perry!

Her sister Khloe seems to be behind the hook-up too, telling a US radio show: “They each respect each other and I think, if they were ever to go there, I think it would be like a long relationship.” We just hope that in light of her last relationship, Kim takes this one slowly!

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