Kim Kardashian and Pharrell Williams come to town

Hanging out with the stars during race week
ByKris FadeThursday , 04 December 2014
Kim Kardashian and Pharrell Williams come to town
Me, Kim and Priti all wore black

The UAE has been popular with celebs for a while now, but last week we were filled to capacity with the talent flowing through Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Music legend Pharrell Williams, reality TV star Kim Kardashian and newly crowned world champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton were all around, and, naturally, I had to catch up with them.

First of all, can I just say how beautiful Kim Kardashian is in real life?! I mean, seriously, in the flesh she’s like a work of art. But, moving on, I was one of the very few people in the Middle East able to interview her, so you can imagine how excited I was to meet the world’s most famous woman. The Virgin Radio breakfast team and I rocked up to Parfum Monde, where Kim was launching her latest fragrance, and there was absolute pandemonium. I’d say there were about 1,000 people outside the shop waiting to see her and a further 200 VIP guests on the inside. Great minds clearly think alike because when we eventually saw her we realised we were both wearing all-black outfits, as was Priti, so it was good to see we have such similar tastes as someone as fashion-focused as Kim. Because my day job involves playing music, I’m always intrigued to meet the people behind the lyrics, so when I got to sit down with Pharrell I was surprised by how different he was to what I’d expected. The Happy singer was completely chilled out and very spiritual. I thought he’d be bouncing off the walls, but he was super-calm the whole time. Despite his sombre appearance, he did make one of my dreams come true by recreating the cover picture of his album GIRL.

Ross, Priti and me with Pharrell

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