Kanye West & French Montana Accused of Plagiarism

The Kardashian men are facing trouble over a collaborative track
ByJack Hardwick Monday , 08 September 2014
Kanye West & French Montana Accused of Plagiarism
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Kanye West may have a legal battle on his hands

Not one to shy away from controversy, Kanye West has landed himself in trouble again, after an Atlanta rapper has claimed the 'Yeezus' hitmaker plagiarized one of his songs.

Rapper 9gotti claims French Montana's track 'Gucci Mane' which Kanye helped produced is actually a rip-off of one of his own tracks. The rapper'slabel, Chinga Chang Records, has sent an angry letter accusing Kim Kardashian's husband and her sister Khloe's boyfriend of plagiarizing the track before saying the similarities could be down to a "drunken oversight".

Not only does the fairly unknown rapper take a shot at Kanye, but the letter also goes on to issue warnings against Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Rick Ross leading us to believe 9gotti has bitten of more than he can chew.

According to TMZ.com the letter threatens legal action against the song's producers, should they continue to use the track and refers to Diddy as a 'musical thief', whilst stating howRick Ross should have known better, due to his history as an ex-correctional officer.

There has been no official comment from French Montana nor Kanye West about the allegations, but considering their relationships with two of the most public ladies around, it might not take long for them to comment.

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