Kim Kardashian’s gone baby crazy

Guess who she's picked out as the dad of her future kids
Kim Kardashian’s gone baby crazy
Kim Kardashian says she wants her son to look like her current fling, Kris Humphries (pictured as a young boy)

Kim Kardashianwants a baby, like two years ago. The 30-year-old reality star has made no secret of wanting to become a mother and now she has the perfect partner in mind. Yep, her new boy toy, 25-year-old basketball player, Kris Humphries has been named as the perfect father according to Kim.

She even tweeted a pic of Kris when he was a kid saying “I want my son to look like this!” Kris if that wasn’t a hint we don’t know what is.

Kim stated last year that she was desperate for a baby. "I seriously thought by the time I was 30, I would have one and a bun in the oven...I cannot wait to have a baby.”

Look out Kris!