Kim Kardashian’s Fave Vampire Facial Banned in Dubai

The reality star tried it last year but it’s now been banned by Dubai’s DHA
Thursday , 27 February 2014
Kim's result
Kim's result
Kim and her pal Jonathan after the facial
Kim and her pal Jonathan after the facial

A gruesome looking facial that was tried by Kim Kardashian last year has been banned in Dubai by the Dubai Health Authority. The platelet rich plasma procedure, which is more commonly known as the 'vampire facial' involves withdrawing blood from your skin, separating the red blood cells from the plasma in your blood, and then injecting the plasma back into your face. Eww! This blood-thirsty procedure first came onto our radar last year when Kim Kardashian tried it out. The reality star posted a picture of herself after the facial had taken place and the results looked frightening!

Vampire facials are thought to improve circulation and the plump-ness of skin, but their safety has never been tested in controlled clinical trials, so it’s thought by some that it may be damaging to the patients health which is why the treatment will no longer be available in clinics governed by the DHA.

A vampire facial usually costs between Dhs4,000 and Dhs5,000 so you’ll be saving yourself a few dirhams! 

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