Kim Cattrall Brands The Kardashian's 'Boring'

The SATC star said she has no idea how the famous family have built an empire
ByCatriona RigneyTuesday , 14 June 2016
Kim Cattrall Brands The Kardashian's 'Boring'
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Kim Cattrall is not a fan of the Kardashian's

American actress Kim Cattrall is the latest celebrity to give the Kardashian clan a less-than-glowing review, calling them “boring.”

The 59-year-old appeared on UK show Good Morning Britain to promote her new television series Sensitive Skin. As part of the interview, host Piers Morgan asked Kim what she thought about the Kardashians and other female celebrities who have made a feminist statement by posing topless, among other things.  

"I think it's a bit boring, isn't it," Kim stated. "It's a kind of one-off situation - I can't imagine how you build a career, never mind an empire, on that, but they seem to have achieved it. But celebrity rules now, doesn't it?"

While she admits she doesn't watch their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim laughed: "I don't think you can really avoid them, can you?"

As for Kim’s stance on feminism, she insisted that equal pay should be the first issue to tackle. "I think we should start with equal pay and also ageism - I see the scrutiny that women, not just politically, but in front of cameras, the scrutiny we have to go through as we age, which men don't really have to," she sighed. "And I also feel to tell stories about women at different points in their life - not just when they're young and gorgeous.”

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