Kim and Kanye Turn Down Millions for Baby North

Why the celeb baby won't be appearing on the show
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 12 March 2015
Kim and Kanye Turn Down Millions for Baby North
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With the flak the Kardashians get for being famous, it’s easy to ignore any moral things they do. However, as television’s best-known family get slated for having their reality TV show scripted, Kim Kardashian has shown that money isn’t everything after turning down millions of dollars to have her daughter North West appear on the programme.

North’s a No-Go
Kris Jenner may be a lot of things, but ‘momaging’ and negotiating lucrative contracts for her clients is something in which she’s always excelled. But even by her own lofty standards Jenner, 59, outdid herself by signing the biggest deal in TV history for a reality programme worth $100 million. Kudos to Kris, but insiders say the matriarch could have bargained for even more cash if Kim and husband Kanye West had agreed to let North have a recurring role on the show. After year-long talks, the E! network desperately wanted super-cute North, whose outfits have turned the heads of some of the world’s most influential fashionistas, to feature in many episodes. A source told “It was a no-go from the very beginning because Kim and Kanye made it clear North wasn’t going to be up for discussion. They want North to have some privacy and be able to be a child away from the cameras.”

Kanye Says OK
Despite the Wests valuing their kid’s privacy at more than a few million dollars, Kanye has given the green light for his Only One to appear in some scenes of Keeping up with the Kardashians just to keep the peace with the broadcaster’s bigwigs. “There will be times when North will be included in a group setting, where it’s impossible to edit her out,” the source added, “but she won’t be on the show on even a semi-regular basis. E! offered them some big money to have North included, but her parents turned it down.”

Kim’s a SuperMum
Not everyone is as keen as the network to get North more exposure. Ever since she started showing up at fashion shows, onlookers have been less than impressed by the tantrum-prone tot’s behaviour. As a dedicated mother, though, Kim has been defending her daughter’s right to accompany her mum to every single catwalk event – and if North can’t go, she says, neither will she! An insider told “This is 2015 and Kim feels that Nori should be welcome anywhere in the world and if she’s not welcome, Kim’s not going.” 

So far, the one-year-old has been a fixture at Paris and New York Fashion Week and “Kim’s taking motherhood to an entirely different level,”the source added. “She wants folks to know that Nori is a person, a human being just like everyone else, and she shouldn’t be discriminated upon just because she’s a baby. She recognises everyone has the right to enjoy the runway and so does Nori.” 

Nori on the FROW

North won’t be part of this picture

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