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22 Oct 2017

We asked super colourist Harriet Slade for the goss on Kim Kardashian's lighter new 'do

Do you, as a hair colour expert, think Kim’s ‘do is false?

Honestly, I was very sceptical.


It wasn't that long ago both she and Kylie went from dark to platinum and then clearly regretted it and went straight back to dark so I was surprised she had done it again. And for it to be such a clean ash blonde... suspicious.

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Has she won you over now?

I, of course, stalk her social media regularly and noticed she snapped details of her hair appointment with colourist/hairstylist Chris Appleton. However, I do believe that some images I've seen of her are a wig!

IF it is real, what would the process have been like, going from very dark to silver like she (possibly) did?

The process would have been VERY long. There would have been several sessions, a lot of treatments and so much patience.

How often will she have to do her roots?

Ideally she would need to touch up her roots every 4 to 5 weeks. If you allow your roots to grow more the colour won't lighten evenly or light enough.

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What sort of aftercare will she have to employ?

A lot of toners and treatments. Blonde hair on any level is hard work, especially in a hot country. All that sun, sea and sand takes a toll on hair. Olaplex is my number 1 go to product to maintain great follicle condition. To stop blonde hair turning brassy I’d recommend using Wella SP Silver Shampoo. The violet tones neutralise the inevitable yellow.

Do you prefer it to her brunette look?

I like it but I don't love it more than the brunette. Kim’s hair looks much healthier dark but I do like the contrast of her warm features against the cool blonde.

Have you had anyone come in and do a ‘Kim’ since she debuted the shade?

I haven't had any requests for it yet, thankfully. If I do it would involve a long consultation explaining the maintenance and aftercare. It’s definitely a high maintenance look which can only be done if your hair can handle it.

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