The Killers Cover U2 in Style

The Killers performed a mesmerising stripped-down cover of U2's hit With or Without You at their concert at The 02 in London on 17 November
The Killers Cover U2 in Style
The Killers singer Brandon Flowers

The Killers performed a spellbinding cover of U2's With or Without You at The 02 arena in London on Saturday night (17 November).

Singer Brandon Flowers and guitarist Dave Keuning played a stripped down version of the classic track much to the delight of the sold-out 20,000-strong crowd.

The song was just one of many highlights in a hit-laden set which was made up of material from their four studio albums.

The Killers opened with Mr. Brightside, taken from their 2003 album Hot Fuss, with the house lights still on and followed it up with The Way It Was and Smile Like You Mean It.

Before playing their third track, Brandon made reference to the throat problems that forced the group to cut short a concert at the Manchester Evening News Arena after just four songs on Tuesday night (13 November) and cancel their gig the following night.

The flamboyant frontman, who was taking to The 02 stage for a second night, told fans: "I'm feeling OK. We made it last night, get your fingers cross so we make it a second round tonight."

Brandon, 31, further proved his voice was in good shape by singing a cappella in the middle of Bones.

Other highlights included Human, Somebody Told Me, Runaways, Miss Atomic Bomb and When You Were Young, after which Brandon exclaimed "we made it through" in another reference to his vocal problems.

The Killers, which also includes Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. closed the show with an incredible rendition of the title track from their new album Battle Born.

As the band continued to play, Brandon announced "we are The Killers, a fabulous Las Vegas band" before heading down to salute his adoring fans in the front row.

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