Kids Take Over T’Town!

04 Apr 2012

From Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman to Savannah Robinson and Maria Aragon, check out the little ones hanging with the A-list

Some of them are barely knee-high but these kids are already making big waves in the entertainment biz! From Disney stars to two singing sensations from Essex and Lady Gaga’s favourite tween, these are the future Katy Perrys and Beyoncés. They rack up YouTube hits in the millions, hang with supermodels and confidently chat with Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Handler. The Essex girls – Sophia Grace and Rosie – even had tea with Taylor Swift. Can’t wait to see what they’re doing when they turn the ripe old age of 10!

Bella Thorne and Zendaya coleman

Bella and Zendaya are stars of Disney’s popular TV show Shake It Up, about high school teens trying to break into showbiz. Voted by fans to replace Kim Kardashian as the faces of Millions of Milkshakes, the girls flew down to the UAE for an appearance at The Dubai Mall branch recently. We caught up with them and found them every bit the multi-talented child stars – singers/dancers, home schooled, travelling with their parents, and goody-goody. “We don’t have any fights,” Bella said. “She’s my girl,” Zendaya added, “We’re attached, it’s family”.

Following in the footsteps of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, the girls have grown to international fame with the Disney channel. Zendaya, 15, said. “It’s pretty incredible that our show branched out all the way from the States to here in Dubai. We didn’t know we had that many fans out here.”

The girls, who are often away from home because of their hectic work schedules, swear by video chatting with friends in LA and having “virtual sleepovers”. Bella, who’s 14, has been working since she was nine and admitted that she sometimes wishes for a normal life. “Because I’m dyslexic, I stopped public school in third grade, but I really just want to go back.”

But don’t start thinking that this is just to study. Bella has a beau, who she gushed about to us. “He has a really cool life because he goes to school every day,” she said. As for Zendaya, her dad (who was travelling with her and not too pleased by this question) says she’s too young to date. “Boys wouldn’t even want to date me, looking at my dad!” she joked, adding, “I’m a goody two-shoes, just like my character.”

Of course, there are other perks to being the character – Zendaya gets to hang with the stars. “We just had Tyra Banks on the show,” the teen revealed. “She’s hilarious. We just started laughing in the scene, it was kind of embarrassing.” Ask Zendaya who her idol is and she’s got an instant answer – Beyoncé. “I think she’s had an incredible career and she’s an amazing performer. If you ever go to her concert, she kills it every time.”

Bella wants to be like Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, and not just because she started out as a child star. “She has great style and she’s a really good actress,” she said. “She really digs down deeper to get into the role. You don’t see her as Emma Watson, you see her as the character and I love that.”

Keenan Cahill

This teen from Illinois doesn’t sing a note but his songs are some of the most viewed YouTube videos ever! Keenan’s talent is something most singers are shunned for – lip-syncing! With some major ‘tude, Keenan mouths the words to popular songs by artists like Maroon 5, Taio Cruz and 50 Cent. During a guest appearance on Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately, he even lip-synced with 50 and just a few months later he performed Teenage Dream with Katy Perry! That tune? It just got 53 million YouTube hits…

Savannah Robinson

By her deep, grown-up voice, you would never guess that Savannah is only 13! The little girl with the soulful pipes is another internet sensation and also made an Ellen appearance. She was immediately signed to the TV host’s record label – the same label that launched Greyson Chance – and sang And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going on the show with Jennifer Hudson who gushed over the young star!

Maria Aragon

You know you’ve got talent when Lady Gaga loves you! That’s what happened to 11-year-old Maria when her YouTube performance of Born This Way caught Perez Hilton’s attention and he sent it to Gaga. She then tweeted a link to the vid and, in a week, it got 11 million views. Maria performed the Gaga hit on Ellen, sang with the diva and now has a record contract with Star Records, the same label that signed Charice. Not too bad for a tween!

Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie Mcclelland

They may hail from Essex but Sophia Grace and Rosie are already beloved in America! The cousins first made waves after singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass in a YouTube video, racking up over 33 million views! Not bad considering they’re eight and five years old.

The YouTube success led them to Ellen where they performed the song and went wild over surprise guest Nicki Minaj. Since winning Ellen and Nicki’s hearts, the two girls, who love wearing pink tutus, worked as Ellen’s Grammy Awards correspondents getting hugs from Katy Perry, Flo Rida and Rihanna and sang with Maroon 5. These two are already T’Town royalty.


Not sure what you were doing at two years old, but we were certainly not singing on-pitch for millions of viewers! The newest YouTube sensation is only knee-high but she’s already gone viral with her absolutely adorable rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You. Uploaded on 6 March, the video’s been shooting around the internet faster than a virus. It’s only a matter of time before Adele comments and helps turn the tiny tyke into a star!