Mane Addicts and Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian's beauty secrets REVEALED!

26 May 2015

Ahlan! grilled the world's favourite reality star on how she looks this good - and now we know...

Khloé Kardashian freely admits she couldn’t look as hot as she does without her glam squad – so let’s start by introducing her beauty gurus. Mary Phillips is a celebrity makeup artist who’s famous for the sort of facial contouring that’s become so synonymous with the Kardashians we’re surprised it isn’t trademarked Kontouring™. The same Mary does JLo’s cheekbones – ‘nough said. Jen Atkin is an A-list hairstylist who’s ran her fingers through Emma Stone’s curls. Jen’s volume-adding abilities are legendary in Hollywood.

Both aesthetic aficionados flew to Dubai with Khloé Kardashian herself to create day and night looks on the reality star in a theatre filled with her fans. It was mesmerising. We saw Khloe in real life – not just on the TV – without makeup and hair extensions. She looked so different; still cute, but not, you know, crazy-wow.

Then Jen and Mary worked their magic, like a pair of mythical witches casting spells of divine beauty. Before our eyes, Khloé became ‘Red Carpet Khloé’, the Barbie version of herself, and everyone queued up to have their photo taken with her.

Never underestimate the impact of good hair and makeup. Here’s how to achieve both accolades, courtesy of Khloé and her dream team…

Khloé’s Top Tips


Copy Khloé and coat your hair in a nourishing oil for two hours – try coconut. Comb it through hair and then pop on a shower cap or towel and allow the oil time to absorb. Afterwards, shampoo, condition and style as normal and then feel the difference! How else do you think Khloé’s hair survives the trials of celebdom? 


Invest in bronzer and blusher in various shades. First brush brown lines down either side of your nose and under your cheekbones in a slightly darker tone than your skin, and then draw a little ‘v’ right on the tip of your nose. You will look like a child who requested ‘tiger’ at a face-painting party, but once this is all blended in with a separate clean brush you will start to see the contours form. You can then add lines of highlight in shimmering powder down the centre of your nose and on the raised apples of your cheeks to deepen the 3D effect. It’s remarkably effective, especially in photos. As Mary explains: “We see in 3D but photos are 2D so additional makeup looks more like natural shadows.” 


Salt water and sugar water are a hairdresser’s two best friends for bulking up fine hair. Jen Atkin loves Sachajuan Ocean Mist, sold at Sephora. You can experiment at home, creating your own solution simply by dissolving salt or sugar in warm water, then allowing it to cool and poring it into a pump spray dispenser for use.


“Applying concealer to lips creates a blank canvas,” says Mary Phillips. Once this is done you can outline your lips generously, creating a visually more voluminous effect that’ll look as good as Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers. “For a really nude lip I sometimes use concealer <as> lip colour,” adds Mary. We tried this with balm as gloss and it works so well.


When adding fair clip-in extensions, use a roots concealer spray such as Rita Hazan Root Concealer in brown, originally made for grey hair coverage. When you spray this at the very top of your clip-in extensions, the hair looks darker at the ‘root’ the same way natural hair does, so it blends more easily.


Khloé may have launched her own label, Kardashian Beauty, but she’s still a fan of her competitors. She wears a lot of Tom Ford makeup from the Coco Mirage to Cognac Sable colour palettes. Lancôme’s Doll Lashes is her favourite mascara and she only ever applies it herself (she has very sensitive eyes). UK makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s collection is another fave of Koko’s and she uses famous French photographer-turned-perfumer-turned-cosmetics manufacturer Serge Lutens’ amazing peachy blusher.


To do the ‘day’ wave on Khloé, Jen Atkin uses a flat irons. First she slides them down the hair and then flips them up towards her in a sort-of half-curl; then she removes the irons and reapplies them to the next stretch of hair, moving in the other direction and flipping them up towards Khloé. The alternating moves make a lose wave. Simples!


Khloé swears by taking daily supplements to help boost her hair’s strength in the face of regular and harsh styling sessions. She takes omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. You need to take a combination of all three oils in order for the body to process any single one effectively.


The hair hero in the new Kardashian Beauty range is a special ingredient known as black seed oil. You’ll find it in their dry styling oil to smooth frizz and in their blow-dry cream to apply on damp hair ahead of styling. It nourishes hair when it needs support, and if it’s good enough for the Kardashians…


The latest Kardashian make up collection will be launching in Dubai soon so stay tune!


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