Khloe Kardashian begs Lamar Odom: "Leave me alone!"

If you thought this saga was over, think again!
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 20 August 2015
Khloe Kardashian begs Lamar Odom: "Leave me alone!"
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They were a match made in reality TV heaven, but after four years together, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s fairy tale came crashing down in 2013. Khloé’s world came to a standstill after Lamar was accused of infidelity and drug use, and ever since then the former NBA star has kept a low profile. That’s until last week when the pair came face-to-face outside Khloé’s LA gym.

Lamar allegedly launched a verbal attack on Khloé, insisting that she speak to him as she arrived for her early morning workout. An onlooker claims Khloé tried to ignore him, but he grabbed her arm. She allegedly screamed at him: “Get off of me, get off of me. Stop. Stop.” When a fellow gym-goer asked Khloé if they should call the police, Lamar screamed: “You’re not going to call the cops on Lamar Odom!” Khloé apparently responded: “How did you know I was here?” before running back to her car and driving away. Talk about a dramatic showdown! According to witnesses, Khloé was “visibly upset and freaked out” by the encounter. On top of that, America’s People magazine reported that Khloé was forced to change her mobile number because Lamar has been calling her non-stop.

This sudden turn of events comes as a surprise to us, considering the pair finally signed their divorce papers just last month. It may have something to do with the fact that Khloé has gone public with her relationship with James Harden – also a professional basketball player. The 25-year-old accompanied Khloé to sister Kylie’s 18th birthday party, where they were snapped getting cosy. While the Kardashians apparently approve of Khloé’s relationship with James, insiders claim that Lamar is “very unhappy” about her new relationship. When caught up with Lamar shortly after the incident with Khloé, he denied any wrongdoing. “Nobody got followed, nobody got hassled, nobody got harassed, nobody got grabbed on, none of that…It’s ridiculous, it’s crazy…It’s just not the truth,” he told a reporter. He then added: “Did I just guess right where this girl may be? You know I know Khloé right? You know I was close to her? So how would you think I ended up there?” he ranted. 

But the Kardashians are not convinced, and Kim is encouraging Khloé to get a full-time bodyguard. The insider said: “Kim told Khloé that his behaviour is inappropriate, and she needs to nip it in the bud before it escalates.” The insider added: “Kim says that there’s no reasoning with Lamar right now, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Just last month Khloé told Complex magazine that she still misses Lamar. “Oh my gosh, I miss him every day. I miss what we had,” she revealed. We bet she feels a lot differently about him now that things have taken such a nasty turn. It’s time to move on, Lamar…  

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