Khalil Tawil

Khalil Tawil

20 Nov 2019

The marketing magician behind conglomerate investment group, Demind

• The UAE offers me, and so many other professional foreigners, a career, a home, and so many positive things. I consider Dubai my second home after Lebanon and I will be forever grateful to this country and its rulers.

• The opening of OPA in Dubai, our new Greek restaurant concept, was one of the most important moments of 2019 for me, due to its huge success. I recycle whatever I can at home and our work office is also making attempting to be as green and eco-friendly as possible.

• I think we need more renewable energy as a power source. I look forward to electric cars becoming more mainstream.

• The best advice I was given was to constructively critique what I do, no matter how sure I am of a perfect result.

• I look up to my parents and every great parent in the world. Raising a child is not an easy task and it takes lots of wisdom and courage.

• Next year I look forward to launching two new projects within our company. I have several upcoming trips and books to read and I am going to start learning Spanish.