Kevin Spacey brings theatre to Middle East

He's planning to change view on theatre
Monday , 07 February 2011
Kevin Spacey brings theatre to Middle East
Kevin Spacey in Abu Dhabi

Kevin Spacey has just announced his plans to launch the Kevin Spacey Foundation in the Middle East Theatre Academy. The initiative will see an increase in theatre production as well as involving the youth of the region.

When Ahlan! Live spoke to Kevin Spacey at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival last year he hinted at how theatre and acting can develop a person. “Sometimes you’re affected in a really positive way because the character you play, lumbering around in their ideas for a few weeks or for a few months has an effect on you. Sometimes, you’re, you know, you have to unearth aspects of your own personality, your own, you know your own, where is my line of morality, could I ever do something like this. You have to sort of examine that and to be able to play it.”

Kevin is hoping his new initiative will give people in the Middle East an opportunity to be able to experience the same creative values of acting and in turn loosen the boundaries on movie censorship.

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