Kevin Hart feared broken bones after dancing fail

Thursday , 23 May 2019
Kevin Hart feared broken bones after dancing fail
© Instagram/Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart feared he had suffered a broken hip after slipping and falling while showing off his dance moves at a weekend wedding.

The Ride Along star, who turns 40 in July, was dancing in the middle of a crowd in the rain at a friend's outdoor reception on Saturday, May 18 when he went down hard.

Kevin shared footage of his 'embarrassing' moment on Instagram:

Days later, the actor is still hurting from the slip up, and admits he was terrified he had broken a bone.

"My back hurts. I fell the other day and it was a lot scarier (now I'm older)...," he explained on U.S. breakfast show Today on Wednesday.

After trying to blame his misstep on "some defective shoes," Kevin confessed he attempted to laugh off the incident because inside, he was truly worried about his health.

"I went down and when I went down, I just started laughing because the fear in those three seconds that it took for me to go from point A to point B was real," he shared. "I really thought, 'I'm about to break something...!' I don't care about people seeing me (fall); I care about my arm or my hip - I thought it was over for me, so I'm glad I survived it!"

Despite his physical concerns about nearing the big 4-0, Kevin is determined to remain optimistic about life as he ages: "Being old is a mindset, so the goal is to not engage into that mindset and feel young forever. It's a feeling," he said.

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