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Kesha fears young stars are suffering abuse behind the scenes

11 Nov 2019

Kesha fears younger popstars may still be suffering abuse despite appearing happy in public. The 32-year-old won legions of fans a decade ago with her carefree image and hits like Tik Tok and Timber, but claims her longtime producer Lukasz 'Dr. Luke' Gottwald physically, and emotionally abused her, allegations he denies.

Despite the #MeToo movement putting the spotlight on sexual harassment, and younger stars like Billie Eilish being more open about their lives, she still worries no one will know if someone is being mistreated, as she kept her allegations secret for so long.

Kesha tells The Guardian she worries about other artists, "because you never really know what's going on behind the scenes. Because for a long period, people had no idea what was going on behind the scenes with me."

Adding it's sad "that enough people have been assaulted and treated poorly that there has to be an entire movement," she says of #MeToo. The star has been locked in a bitter legal battle with Dr. Luke since 2014, when she attempted to sue him over her allegations, and tried to get out of her recording contract with her label RCA Records. He vehemently dismissed her accusations and subsequently countersued her for defamation.

Kesha returned to music after a five year hiatus with her album Rainbow in 2017, and is planning to release a new collection, High Road in January. She says that she's now happy again - although it's taken her a lot of therapy to get over the alleged abuse and cope with the bitter legal battle.

"I truly feel like I've been through the **** and I have earned my happiness back," she adds. "I have God only knows the amount of therapy bills and meditation apps and transcendental meditation retreats."