Kendra’s Post-Baby Diet!

21 Jan 2010

Get a bikini body fit for the Playboy mansion!

Hugh Hefner’s ex Kendra Wilkinson, once made a career out of her killer bod. Starring in reality TV show The Girls Next Door, she was often filmed in daring and revealing cossies, so had to be bikini buff at all times.

But after settling down with her American football star hubby Hank Baskett and getting pregnant with their son, Hank IV, her weight soared to over 74 kilos as she chowed down on the fried food treats which she usually banned.

“I would order two cheeseburgers and 10-piece chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s and eat it all in 10 minutes,” she confesses. “But I’m not usually a big-time junk food eater.”

But since giving birth to her son on December 11, the reality star has already dropped an amazing 10 kilos on a strict diet and exercise programme, in a bid to regain her centrefold figure. Star Style discovers how she did it...

Mixing up her routine
While Kendra is unable to work out strenuously for six weeks following her C-section birth, she’s managed to tone up using a combination of low impact cardio, such as swimming and walking, with the help of celeb personal trainer, Jesse Brune.

“He got me into the best shape of my life, so he’ll whip me back into shape in record time,” says Kendra.

Kendra alternates walking on the treadmill at an incline of seven speed of 27 for 45 minutes with gentle sessions in the pool, introducing leg raises, and does ab crunches and arm weights to add definition.

The diet
Ditching the take aways, Kendra has introduced loads of grilled chicken and fresh veg into her diet – “I’m trying to cut out red meat, so for dinner I have grilled chicken and veggies. I don’t like steamed vegetables. I like them raw. For lunch, I love salads.”

She’s also reduced the size of her meals, but increased their frequency, saying, “It’s about portion control, healthy choices and not mixing proteins and carbs in the same meal because they digest differently.”

Sample meal planner

Breakfast: Cup of Special K with rice milk

Lunch: Veggie pizza made with wholewheat English muffin, light tomato sauce, light cheese and veg

Dinner: Turkey burger, with fresh tomato wrapped in lettuce with baked sweet potato fries

Snacks: Pistachios – 40 kernels