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Kendall Jenner Bans Kim Kardashian from Her Fashion Show

15 Sep 2014

Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star dissed by supermodel sis

In her continued efforts to forge her ‘own identity’ Kendall Jenner has ordered older sister Kim-K to stay well away from her modeling gigs.

The shocking ban comes less than a month after 18-year-old Jenner dropped her surname, preferring to be known just as ‘Kendall’, in an attempt to distance herself from her reality-star-cast of a family, all in the name of work.

The brunette beauty recently had the honour to walk the ramp for the highly coveted brand and designer, Tommy Hilfiger last week. However, 33-year-old Kim, one of the invitees, was far away from the festivities- as ordained by her little sis.

During an interview with Cut magazine, the teen model explained her actions, saying: “Kim called me before attending my show and was all like, “hey I was invited to your show, and I just wanted to let you know. Do you want me to come?” and I was like, “no.””

“I want to be high fashion,” the 5 ft 10 beauty added. “I want to be taken seriously for my work, people think that all this success just came to me because of my family, but it didn’t, I worked really hard for myself”

Reportedly the Kardashian-Jenner clan is taking bitterly to Kendall’s latest surge of independence. And it’s even rumoured that the older Jenner sister is contemplating on quitting the E! Show.

A source close to the budding fashionista revealed to UK’s Daily Mail that: “Kendall thinks that the reality series is damaging her modeling career  and she feels like she needs to break the association to focus on her career.”

Although, it’s known that Mrs. Kim Kardashian West pulled some serious string for her younger sibling’s career, and as result, Ms Jenner even scored a contract with fashion hub Givenchy. Regardless, Kendall firmly believes that her famous family is hurting her career more than helping it.

Ouch, Kendall! We think you should spare a moment to think where you would be without the family tag.