Kendall and Gigi at War

The models fight to be the America's Next Top Model host
ByJJ AnisiobiMonday , 28 March 2016
Kendall and Gigi at War
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Gigi and Kendall are frenemies
They were once the best of friends with a healthy rivalry on the runway, but now Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have become bitter competitors off the catwalk. The two former BFFs have entered into a ruthless competition and have been fighting dirty to try and gain the upper hand. 
Fashion Feuding
According to our insiders Gigi and Kendall, both 20, are in the midst of a full blown feud over an extremely lucrative hosting gig for America’s Next Top Model. The popular television show was cancelled last year but was then swiftly picked up by VH1 with the hope of attracting a younger audience. The network won’t be hiring former presenter and co-creator Tyra Banks, and Kendra and Gigi are the favourites to get the coveted spot.
The Kardashian Curse
Sources close to both models have claimed that the girls really want it because it’ll pay well and is great exposure for them. reported: “Gigi and Kendall have been throwing shade at each other for almost a month now and their friendship is definitely in trouble.” One fashion mole dished: “Kendall thinks that the job should automatically be hers because she has experience on television, but Gigi thinks she should be the new host because Kendall could bring the Kardashian stigma on the show. The other night they were out with pals and wouldn’t even speak to each other. They are ruthless!” 

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