Kelly puts wedding on hold

24 Nov 2009

So what has made Miss Osbourne delay her marriage to Luke Worrell

KELLY OSBOURNE has no intention of walking down the aisle with fiance LUKE WORRELL until he is 21 - so her beau can legally drink alcohol at their wedding party.

The pair announced its engagement last year after just a few months of dating.

Rumours of a quick wedding circulated after 19-year-old model Worrell told reporters, "it won't be a long engagement".

But Kel, 25, has put plans for a speedy entry into married life on hold until 2011 - when her future husband will be allowed to drink at their American nuptials.

She says, "Luke and I are engaged and we'll get married when I want to. But he isn't even 21 yet, so he can't drink in America, so what's the point in getting married until he can?"